About Us


Armand Groesbeek started the studio in May of 2014 with minimal experience but a hell of a lot of determination.  8 Years later and it is one of the top Tattoo Studios in South Africa.


We have a lot of passion for what we do, we value our clients and always strive to do our best..

We strive to be the best we can possibly be.  Our motto is "Excellence striving towards Perfection"


Armand Groesbeek is very well known for colour realism, black and grey realism and has a vast knowledge of American traditional style tattooing, neo-traditional which makes him a very desirable artist in his area as there are many styles that he can execute meticulously and with professional skill. 


Armand creates like no artist he's ever met, as he actually sits with his clients while designing their tattoo, giving them a great overview into the creative process as well as guiding them into the best direction art-wise for the tattoo that they want. 


Armand uses a rotary pen tattoo machine, which is the new way in technology when it comes to equipment for tattooing.


He uses only the best when it comes to the equipment and products, therefore he uses Quantum tattoo inks for absolute perfection. It is a vegan product that almost completely eliminates the risk of any chances of allergies to sensitive skin and is revolutionary in the natural plant pigmentations they use to make their product.


Salvage cartridge needles are some of the best needles on the market, it’s cartridge design which is hygienically the best option for tattooing. They are precision made with surgical steel and pc polycarbonate shells and are EO gas sterilized